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World Branding Award 2017/2018

Doggydolly has been recognized as international leading brand in the pet industry. Enjoy the world branding awards 2017/2018 together with us

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have fun browsing through our catalog. We are specialist in dog clothes as well as collars, dog beds and Groomer supplies.
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Claw and paw care products for dogs

The regular care of the nails and paws is essential for your dog's health. You should pay attention to the ideal lentgh of the claws. The nails should not be cut to shortly. The care of your dog's paws is an important part of the dog care. In winter they have to be protected against road salt and in summer against the hot tarmac. By using special care products you provide the perfect...

Top article

Community mask 1 piece for women,...

The face masks come in many trendy designs. They are reversible. Most of the community masks even have different motifs on both sides. The delivered design varies depending on availability. The high-quality mouth and nose masks are 3-layers. The inner and outer layer of the fabric masks are made of high-quality cotton fabric. The middle layer is made of polyester (Salo). The...

Lifestyle for Dogs, Designer Dog fashion,...

DogOne is an wholesale company for exclusive lifestyle articles for dogs.
Our collection consist out of Dog Fashion and Dog clothes, exclusive collars and leads.
Our customers are all major retail stores in Germany as well as Dog Boutiques and Groomer shops.
Especially for our groomer customers we have introduced natural dog shampoos, conditioners and perfumes to our collection.

Enjoy browsing through our virtual dog boutique.